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Request for a Beta Reader
I posted my new story on FF.net! \(*T▽T*)/

Ok so here are the guidelines I have come up with for a beta reader. If you think you do not fit the bill, please do not apply.

So here goes!

1. Have a proper command of English
2. Integrity
which basically means:
1. Do not repost my story anywhere
2. Do not leak out my story
3. Do not plagiarise my story

3. Able to deal with a procrastinating author
4. Able to give constructive comments but not forcing ideas on me

Also, if you are a writer, please send me or direct to me a writing sample.

And next is a list of pros and cons of being my beta reader. :)

1. Having to deal with a author prone to procrastination
2. Having to deal with a weird author
3. Having to deal with a stubborn author
4. Having to deal with an individualistic author
...and many more

1. Being the first to read my stories/updates!

That about sums it up! Interested applicants, please apply!!!!!


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