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Back after a long while

Gosh when was the last time I posted?

So here's the story. Firstly, I was in China for 2 years. I was still happily posting on LJ and then one fine day, I could not access LJ. I could not even access it at all? What happened? You guessed it: the Great Firewall of China. A whole lot of crap followed, yaddah yaddah.... I stopped writing for a long, long time.

However, although I had stopped writing physically, my brain never did stop thinking of ideas. As I am currently in a boring job that practically gives me nothing to do, I decided I should pull out one of the plot bunnies that had been swimming around in my head and bring it out into the 3-D world!

I hope this marks my return as a fanfic writer. Wish my luck everybody.

*A note to all my readers: I am very sorry for my long absence. I cannot promise I will be able to finish up the fics I left hanging but I will try my best to! :D

P.S.: If anyone knows CSS, please help me if you have the time. I am too lazy to find out how I am supposed to customise this.....


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