Back after a long while


Gosh when was the last time I posted?

So here's the story. Firstly, I was in China for 2 years. I was still happily posting on LJ and then one fine day, I could not access LJ. I could not even access it at all? What happened? You guessed it: the Great Firewall of China. A whole lot of crap followed, yaddah yaddah.... I stopped writing for a long, long time.

However, although I had stopped writing physically, my brain never did stop thinking of ideas. As I am currently in a boring job that practically gives me nothing to do, I decided I should pull out one of the plot bunnies that had been swimming around in my head and bring it out into the 3-D world!

I hope this marks my return as a fanfic writer. Wish my luck everybody.

*A note to all my readers: I am very sorry for my long absence. I cannot promise I will be able to finish up the fics I left hanging but I will try my best to! :D

P.S.: If anyone knows CSS, please help me if you have the time. I am too lazy to find out how I am supposed to customise this.....

Long long long long...

How long haven't I posted here? Almost 4 months...

So much has happened and I still have so many worries. Those were the things keeping me from posting in my LJ blog. It doesn't help that LJ is now blocked in China...wtf...

Somehow, I am hating China more and more. Probably because of all the bad things I have seen and experience and how much disappointment has hit me during this period of time.

I am stuck in the middle of nowhere, with no definite path in front of me. In fact, I feel that the paths in front of me are blocked in some way and the only path that is free of obstructions has nothing at the end of the road.

I can just say that I am not exactly in the best of health now, the highest contributing factor is my emotions. I have so much worries in my mind and it is taking a toll on me. I know I have the tendency to bottle up everything and be emo. And being emo is not a good thing. But I don't know how I can get out of it.

I am falling deeper and deeper into an abyss, reaching out for the rapidly darkening sunlight...
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New Year's Eve

2009 is finally coming to an end! It seems like such a long time, and yet such a short time.

I am spending the last day of 2009 alone at home, probably studying, listening to music or watching anime. I wonder if this is a waste of my time, because there is only 1 2009 and I am not doing anything special to send it away.

I guess I have to look forward and not look back, but always keep past mistakes in your mind as a reminder and lesson. As I grow older, more and more things come to me and realisations that would never had occured to me in my teens start to hit me.

Therefore this is my New Year's resolution: find my way in life.

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

It did not snow today unfortunately...and the winds were strong and cold!!! *shivers
Well, there are 12 days of Christmas and it may snow you never know!

I had a small Christmas gathering today and we went out to eat and bought cake afterwards. I was glad my friends liked my presents. I was a bit afraid because not all of them like stuffed toys...I hope they are not faking it...

Another 1 hour and it will be the end of Christmas and I haven't made my Christmas wish!!! I must make it real soon!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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Merry Christmas Eve!!!

Ok, after procrastinating for 2 months or so...this is my first post in LJ.

First, I have to apologise to Lily-chan. I know you asked me what would I like as an avatar but I never replied. I'm really, really sorry. If you have the time, I wonder if you will make me a Katekyo Hitman Reborn one. If you do not have the time, its fine! Thanks! :)

I really, really hope that it will snow tomorrow. I want to have a White Christmas! I never had a White Christmas before. And I hope nothing bad happens tomorrow... I hope I will not have a traumatizing Christmas... Please, pray for me!!!!!!

Merry Christmas Eve everybody!!!
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Life in BJ

Beijing is getting colder and colder... The temperature dropped really suddenly and since I didn't bring enough over, I'm really feeling it... Good thing the winter wear is relatively cheap here! Well, I can't wear it back in Singapore but they are really pretty!

I bought a Prince of Tennis Seigaku regular cosplay uniform here! And it is very cheap too! It is a bit big but it doesn't matter since I wont be wearing it very often. Lol!

It may seem pretty ok here but in actual fact, not everything is good. There is a test tomorrow (and lots of others) and I am trying my best. Note: trying may not always give satisfactory results. I wonder if the winter wear I bought will go to waste...

Another issue is my housemate... I'm already feeling tired talking about this issue...
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Happy Birthday to me!!!

My first post after a while is centred on my birthday. Erm...why do I feel narcissistic?

I am spending my birthday for the first time away from home. It feels great to have a bunch of friends celebrating your birthday for you. I guess this is something that can only be experienced when you are studying abroad, far away from home.

1 year older... I can feel time slipping away from my grasp. I have to continuously remind myself that I am no longer a kid. I have to grow up, soon. Birthdays may be nice and special but as we age, they remind us of our responsibilities and what we have to achieve.

How I love and hate birthdays at the same time! No matter what, 24th September will always be a special day for me. :)

A new community!

I have started a new community! jmusicramblings

I'm really really sorry to all the communities that I am the moderator of. I have been ignoring LJ for a very very long time. Especially to you Lily-chan, I am very sorry!

Well, as the community says, it is for my J-music ramblings. I tried Blogspot, Wordpress etc and I gave up. Totally. Then an idea struck me, what about a community? Then I wouldn't have to start everything from start.

So, it will contain all my views on artistes and their songs. My nonsensical views. Bias intended. Lol!

Look forward to it!
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Finally, my nightmare is going to be over soon!

I passed up my thesis last week and now I have sent my presentation poster for printing. Everything will be fine if my poster is not rejected. Lol! And I really hope not, because I can't stand doing it anymore! I think its gonna turn out ugly but...oh well... I should really be rehearsing for my presentation...gosh...I really hate this kinda thing.

Just let me get on and over with it. I want to enjoy my remaining days in Singapore before I descend into hell in Beijing!
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