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Solitary Cross

~cos I was part of the stairway generation~

Aki Kaede
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I am an absolute anime freak! Recently into Prince of Tennis. Writes Prince of Tennis fics and now AsuCaga.

I love making friends from all around the world! I just love the different cultures and everything!

My claimed couples:
10hugs: Uchiha Sasuke/Hyuuga Hinata (Completed 3/10)
5trueloves: Shishido Ryou (Completed 0/5)
5trueloves: Sena Robin (Completed 3/5)
30_flowers: Athrun Zala/Cagalli Yula Attha (Completed 28/30)
15pairings: Prince of Tennis (Completed 13/15)

Completed Claims:

30_nights: Athrun Zala/Cagalli Yula Attha

5trueloves: Shishido Ryou

5trueloves: Shishido Ryou

10hugs: Echizen Ryoma/Ryuuzaki Sakuno

r o u g e . j u s t i c e Prince of Tennis Fanlisting Bloodred Conflict Color Aura ARMBAND Crimson Dragon Storm Echizen Ryoma & Ryuuzaki Sakuno Fanlisting SHELL Divine.CLAMP Band of Princes Baito all in {RED} Beach Boys Cut, Stitched & Scarred Hyoutei Rhapsody Oujisama UN*PARA*LLED A fairy tale Cerulean REPOSSESSION ...my own name Nakama | Oxidize | Winter's Sun Disorderly Conduct Unmasked puu! The Dark One Forgotten Fire firestarter z u t t o... PINKY PROMISE +-+-+ Unbreakable chain +-+-+ ALL YOU HAVE SEEN deathberry BRAINS and BEAUTY {because it's never just about one of the other DON'T DIE ALONE //  o r a n g e  s p i r i t BASUKETTOMAN!!! Logic be gone!

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