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~cos I was part of the stairway generation~

Sigh, it has been some time since I posted over here in LJ again. The deadline for my thesis is less than 2 weeks away. I seriously think that I am going to die... I have been slacking off way to much...

I wonder when will I be able to return to writing my fics. It's just like seeing the death of a community where the moderators do not turn up anymore. I was quite upset when some comms I was in disappeared during my long departure from LJ. I am so scared that I will lose my interest for writing. I truly truly hope not.

Ok, I have been procrastinating again. Haven't updated as much as I would have liked to.

There are things to blog about, like MJ's death. However, I blogged about it on another blog of mine, leaving this blog to gather dust... Therefore I felt that I should at least post something here, whatever it is.

Since I started this blog mainly due to anime and fanfics, I should blog about them once in a while right? So here goes!

I haven't been writing fanfics in a while. I really want to but I am being bogged down by my project that I think that I am making no progress, although the date for submission is near. Somebody just kill me. Most of the time, I am dreaming out the stories in my mind and playing them out. If only what goes on in my mind could be put into words! And I am actually contemplating if I should try to write smut. Should I? It will definitely be a new challenge though.

Prince of Tennis has finished its run and there is a new Prince of Tennis manga! Actually I am pretty disappointed to see it continue where it left off in the first series. I thought Konomi-sensei would have a manga totally focusing on Ryoma as a pro player. Well...I'm not complaining about some more PoT though....

I am so into Gintama now. Why? Because it fits into the genre that I like! Comedy and light-heartedness with some action here and there. And did I mention the parodies? Lol! Oh yes, I will blog about Gintama someday.

First post after a while
Gosh, how long haven't I posted here!

Well, I think that it is because of my lack of time for writing fics. Exams, exams and exams, then a project. Time is never ever enough.

Speaking of exams, my results are out. They were actually pretty lousy, but I have learnt to look on the bright side of things. It doesn't really bother me anymore because I have kinda expected what I would get. I am so not suited for this course... Should have known that earlier...

Now comes the big question: do I want to go to China for further studies? The stress part is putting me off, as well as the roommate problems and subsequent career options after graduation, that is if I successfully graduate. Plus, with the current economic situation, if I do not continue my studies, what can I do, esp see above, with my lousy results?

How I wish I am able to escape reality and be a student forever. Taking a step into the adult world is akin to saying goodbye to your youth and innocence forever. And I am afraid of taking that single step that would change everything.

Valentine's Day!!!
It is Valentine's Day today! Happy Valentine's Day to all those spending it together with a special someone and those without a special someone like me. :) Not that I am particularly affected by it.

I am supposed to have finished the last chapter of Someday by today but... Sigh... I had so many things to settle. My FYP, upcoming tests, exams, assignments... The worse thing is that I got my hands on a DS and I am so unwilling to let go of it! I should lock my DS up out of my reach...

My brother brought back Shiroi Koibito chocs from Hokkaido. I wanted to eat it today but never got around to doing it. Yep... I studied the entire night and is still studying. Pretty proud of myself though. Lol!

My mother isn't feeling too well today and she insisted on a make-up Valentine's Day 2 weeks later after my exam! At least I will get to eat something good.

Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year! One of the most important festivals for Chinese!

The Year of the Rat has gone and now is the Year of the Ox. Is is really strange, we get to celebrate the new year twice. Once on the solar calendar and once on the lunar calendar. I guess that is good in a way that we get more holidays! :P

Every new year is the same for me unfortunately. I wonder when will I have a extremely special new year. What will it be like? To be frank, I would rather spend Chinese New Year lazing around and treating it as just any normal holiday apart from the fact that most of the shops aren't open.

I think that is a pretty sad thought from me though. The rich Chinese tradition would be lost through people like me. Sigh...

I have to be proud of being a Chinese and having such a rich (but tiring) traditions! Somebody save my thoughts!

Lunar New Year Eve!
It's Lunar New Year Eve today! Just a few hours more and it will soon be the Lunar New Year!

Actually today was spent doing lots of work... Not exactly the way I wanted it to be... I thought I would have some time to rest as well as watch some anime and catch up on work at the same time. But no, I had to do tons of housework!

Gosh! I hate it when you have to keep everything spick and span because you can't even sweep the floor and the first day of Lunar New Year itself! I worked all the way until around 2.30pm then got a bath. Rested for a short while, had a small reunion dinner then cleaned lots of stuff again. Gosh! Does every Lunar New Year eve have to be like that?!

To me, I wasted my Sunday and Saturday cleaning and cleaning. I would have liked to spend it another way. Now I'm panicking for the times I missed studying. Good luck to me...

Happy Lunar New Year!

A weekend of rest
I have been really lazy. I am not updating my LJ as much as I wanted to. I feel that I have been neglecting LJ ever since school work got the better of me. This is because I will always post my stories over here. Even my participation rate at Fanfiction.net has decreased. Sigh... I just wish I had 48 hours in a day for me to do everything I want...

It's the Lunar New Year week! Lunar New Year is not until Monday but I had a break from Friday! So its like 5 days? However, I took up a temporary job assignment on Friday to pay for my new year shopping. Gosh, there are so many things I wanna buy. But I am thinking if I should save money because of the horrible financial crisis and the worst recession that hit Singapore since the Asian financial crisis.

I am sick now. Not a cold or flu or anything, but my right eyelid is swelling really badly. At least it is not that serious now. According to TCM, it is because of the heatiness that resides in my stomach. This is bad news because there are so many heaty but delicious food that is usually eaten during Chinese New Year! This is real bad. I have abstained from heaty stuff for a few days and is ingesting "cooling" stuff all the time. Hopefully the swelling will go down by Chinese New Year.

I am awaiting for my brother to return from Japan. Why? Because of my Nintendo DSLite! I can't wait to get my hands on it! Lol!

1st post of 2009
So 2009 made its way to us. To me, it has been a pretty quiet welcome to the new year. I guess celebrations have been clouded by the recent financial crisis.

To me, the new year is just tiring. It just signals to me that a new term is starting, and in the future, I have to get back to work, I am a year older without accomplishing anything the previous year etc etc etc.

I just hope this year would be good and fruitful year for me.

Happy 2009 everyone!

Goodbye to 2008, Hello to 2009
In just a few hours, 2009 will be here. We have to say our farewells to 2008.

Gosh, so fast and a year has passed! Time is like running away from me!!! There are so many things that I wanted to do but then, I feel like I am too old already! Please time, stop just for me!

I hope 2009 will be a better year than 2008. I hope the financial crisis gets over and everythign goes well for me and my family. Things have been hard and I have been worrying and thinking so much.

2009, I hope you are a better year for me.

Complications of Love
Title: Complications of Love
Theme: #12 Cold
Pairing/Characters: Katou Kachirou X Ryuuzaki Sakuno, Katou Kachirou X Osakada Tomoka, Echizen Ryoma X Ryuuzaki Sakuno
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I do not own Prince of Tennis or any of its characters

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