Solitary Cross

~cos I was part of the stairway generation~

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Life in BJ
Beijing is getting colder and colder... The temperature dropped really suddenly and since I didn't bring enough over, I'm really feeling it... Good thing the winter wear is relatively cheap here! Well, I can't wear it back in Singapore but they are really pretty!

I bought a Prince of Tennis Seigaku regular cosplay uniform here! And it is very cheap too! It is a bit big but it doesn't matter since I wont be wearing it very often. Lol!

It may seem pretty ok here but in actual fact, not everything is good. There is a test tomorrow (and lots of others) and I am trying my best. Note: trying may not always give satisfactory results. I wonder if the winter wear I bought will go to waste...

Another issue is my housemate... I'm already feeling tired talking about this issue...

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The weather has been strange the past few years.

I hope you find a roommate.

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