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Happy Birthday to me!!!
My first post after a while is centred on my birthday. Erm...why do I feel narcissistic?

I am spending my birthday for the first time away from home. It feels great to have a bunch of friends celebrating your birthday for you. I guess this is something that can only be experienced when you are studying abroad, far away from home.

1 year older... I can feel time slipping away from my grasp. I have to continuously remind myself that I am no longer a kid. I have to grow up, soon. Birthdays may be nice and special but as we age, they remind us of our responsibilities and what we have to achieve.

How I love and hate birthdays at the same time! No matter what, 24th September will always be a special day for me. :)

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You aren't! I swear! :D


Oh geez! I'm so sorry I missed this :( Happy Belated Birthday Aki! Would you like an icon or anything for a present? :D

Oh it has been a long time indeed! Lol! A belated thanks for a belated birthday wish!

An icon? If you have the time... Lol!

No problem! What would you like iconed?

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