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A new community!
I have started a new community! jmusicramblings

I'm really really sorry to all the communities that I am the moderator of. I have been ignoring LJ for a very very long time. Especially to you Lily-chan, I am very sorry!

Well, as the community says, it is for my J-music ramblings. I tried Blogspot, Wordpress etc and I gave up. Totally. Then an idea struck me, what about a community? Then I wouldn't have to start everything from start.

So, it will contain all my views on artistes and their songs. My nonsensical views. Bias intended. Lol!

Look forward to it!

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Happy Birthday!

Sorry I couldn't send you an e-card since I don't have your e-mail. If you like, you could enter your information here: http://speadee.livejournal.com/37576.html

Congratulations on your thesis! They make you do a poster, too? That's strange. They better accept it.

I know what you mean about ignoring LJ. It's the same for me because of school. I've tried Blogspot before, and just couldn't figure it out.

Thank you for the birthday wish!

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